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AMPT run our business on equality and creating an atmosphere which is fun and friendly while achieving results and giving clients knowledge along the way.

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Personal Training

Personal Training 1-1 and 2-1 training in a private studio. All programmes tailored to the clients needs and abilities.

Small Group Training

Small group Training: 6 week nutrition and strength programmes coached with proper techniques and support


Classes: With approximately 40 classes per week from 6am – 9pm each day ( ex Sunday) classes range from HIIT, RT24, Spin, Hiitstep, Circuit Training, Boxercise and bodypump. All classes are modifiable and suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Weightloss Programme

Weightloss programmes : 6 week class based programmes with nutrition guides and support to help you achieve your goal.

online classes and PT

Online classes and Personal Training: Options for those who aren’t in a position to make the physical class. Classes can be done live or recorded. Personal training is done live.

online 6 week programmes

Online 6 week Programmes: For those training elsewhere but need guidance with exercise and nutrition. Weekly check-ins and support available.